Prof. Dr. Marc Leman


  • Head of the Dept. Art, Music, and Theater Sciences in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy
  • Director of IPEM
  • Research-Professor in Systematic Musicology, Dept. Musicology, Ghent University
  • Coordinator of Informatics education, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, FLWI
  • Editor of the book series on New Music Research (Routledge)

Research Activities:

They include: methodological and epistemological foundations of musicology, perception-based analysis of music (and musical audio, digitalisation, restauration and archiving of musical audio-archives, interactive (dance/music/video) multimedia technology and the application in the arts, musical audio-mining, research on emotions and movements in response to music, neurosciences and music. The approach is based on computational and empirical methods, which includes the use of acoustical/sonological, perceptual/motor, cognitive/emotive, and social/cultural approaches to music analysis.